How to attend The Wisdom Academy Online Free Test

The Wisdom Academy online test is conducted on the website directly to help students by valuing their time and comfort. Students can now get the results immediately after the test is submitted.


  • Access the website on a Laptop or Desktop
  • Have a Good Internet Connection

The Terms may be confusing for someone who is attending online tests for the First Time. So please follow the instructions mentioned below.

Step 1: Open the login page by clicking on the URL:

Use your mail ID and mobile number as the Username and password given during the registration. (Eg: Username – [email protected]; password: 9876543210 ).

Step 2: Open the course: TNPSC Group 4 Free Test Series 2024 – Portal – The Wisdom Academy

Step 3: Click on Start Now

Step 4: Select Test 02 If you are attending the second test on January 27

Step 5: Click Start Test

Select correct answers and feel free to open any question by selecting the question number and answering it. While answering the question click on the save button to save the options selected. Else you would lose the data if your internet got disconnected or got power failure.`

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